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Chatroulette: Looking just for simple fun, or cyber sex?

According to urban dictionary, chatroulette is:

Another weird novelty of the internet, consisting of randomly chosen webcam (if permitting) chat sessions at This is often extremely deviant, and often consists of bored males, with the odd one flopping their cock out or worse.


<dude 1> hey bro have you been on chat roulette?
<dude 2> hell yeah man the first time I went on there I saw 3 different dudes cocks

Chatroulette, the epidemic that has swept across the 6th floor, the nation, the world?  I only recently heard about this, but now it seems to have become a common activity for people either when they’re drunk or bored.  It’s quite entertaining, but don’t do it alone unless you’re really into that stuff, I guess.  Some things to know: Beware, you’ll encounter a lot of dicks (and by that I don’t mean asshole guys), there seems to be a lot of french people on it (oh the french) but they’ve all seemed to be the nicest, and oh, be safe kids.

4 years ago | 03:02pm
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